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Improve Rudder security in 3.1: Inventory signature and security, SELinux compliance

Added by Benoît PECCATTE almost 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

System integration
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- Sign inventories before sending them
- Verify inventory signature upon reception
- Send inventories with https
- Limit inventory reception to allowed networks
- Limit reports reception to known nodes
- Allow Rudder to run with SELinux


Architecture #6356: Inventory endpoint should validate agent signatureReleasedFrançois ARMAND2015-04-16Actions
Architecture #6506: Change send_clean to push signature along with inventoryReleasedMatthieu CERDA2015-04-16Actions
Architecture #6558: Update test in Rudder so it is ok with new inventory data modelReleasedFrançois ARMAND2015-05-05Actions
User story #6560: Display key used to sign inventory and if the Node is "Certified"ReleasedFrançois ARMAND2015-05-06Actions
Architecture #6567: Add a script to manage node keys on serverReleasedVincent MEMBRÉ2015-05-06Actions
Bug #6583: Can't validate inventory key stored with old formatReleasedNicolas CHARLES2015-05-13Actions
Bug #6584: Tests broken with wrong inventory schemaReleasedNicolas CHARLES2015-05-13Actions
Bug #6600: Cannot modify root server inventory after new installReleasedFrançois ARMAND2015-05-17Actions
Bug #6601: Remove invalid default public key for root serverReleasedFrançois ARMAND2015-05-17Actions
User story #6578: Upload inventory with https by defaultReleasedNicolas CHARLES2015-05-12Actions
User story #2882: Rudder should be SELinux compliantReleasedBenoît PECCATTE2015-04-07Actions
Question #6467: What are the webdav directories used for ?ResolvedBenoît PECCATTE2015-04-07Actions
Architecture #6517: Authorize on SELinux directories used for webdav on the serverReleasedBenoît PECCATTE2015-04-17Actions
Bug #6556: rudder-webapp is using a wrong file in spec file for SELinux policyReleasedFrançois ARMAND2015-05-05Actions
Bug #6597: Rudder webapp postinst are not validReleasedBenoît PECCATTE2015-05-15Actions
Bug #6598: rudder selinux module is not workingReleasedBenoît PECCATTE2015-05-15Actions
Bug #6652: rudder-webapp SELinux-related BuildRequires are neither advertised nor usable on all systemsReleasedBenoît PECCATTE2015-05-21Actions
User story #6672: Remove packaging of rudder-webapp.pp on debianReleasedMatthieu CERDA2015-05-26Actions
Bug #6679: The SELinux compilation in rudder-webapp ties to use the wrong directory as a baseReleasedBenoît PECCATTE2015-05-28Actions
Bug #6681: rudder-webapp spec tries to copy rudder-webapp.pp from wrong directoryReleasedMatthieu CERDA2015-05-28Actions
Bug #6682: rudder-webapp spec tries to build rudder-webapp.pp even if he can'tReleasedMatthieu CERDA2015-05-29Actions
Architecture #6355: Agent should sign their inventory using their private keyReleased2015-04-16Actions
Architecture #6477: Create a script to sign files using openssl on unixReleasedMatthieu CERDA2015-05-15Actions
Bug #6592: is not in the final packageReleasedVincent MEMBRÉ2015-05-15Actions
Architecture #6510: Inventory technique should create a signature and send itReleasedVincent MEMBRÉ2015-04-16Actions
Architecture #6515: Add openssl command line on windows - toolsReleasedBenoît PECCATTE2015-04-17Actions
Architecture #6516: Add dependency to openssl command on debianReleasedBenoît PECCATTE2015-04-27Actions
Bug #6535: Cannot build rudder-agent-thin 3.1, cannot apply patchesReleasedVincent MEMBRÉ2015-04-27Actions
Bug #6687: bundle sendInventoryToCmdb tries to send .sign files to the endpointReleasedBenoît PECCATTE2015-06-03Actions
Bug #6692: Syntax error in site.cfReleasedMatthieu CERDA2015-06-03Actions
Bug #6551: doesn't use absolute key pathReleasedVincent MEMBRÉ2015-05-04Actions
User story #6739: Sign inventories on WindowsReleasedBenoît PECCATTE2015-06-10Actions

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This bug has been fixed in Rudder 3.1.0~beta1 which were released today.

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