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10:57 Rudder User story #8353: Implement notifications for different server-side actions and events (hooks)
Other projects have proven that it's fairly easy to implement multiple message bus protocols support. Let's break it ... Olivier Mauras


13:06 Rudder User story #8353: Implement notifications for different server-side actions and events (hooks)
While I like the idea to have a "Cobbler like" hook/trigger system, I can't help but think that it would be more flex... Olivier Mauras


09:54 Rudder User story #8138: Support the Plan9 Network Operating System
Clearly plan9 should come before FreeBSD or Solaris. Please put it on your highest priority! Olivier Mauras


11:31 Rudder Bug #7290: Inventory upload is not distributed uniformly
I agree that this should be an option that can be modified in webapp config.
It certainly doesn't make sense to take...
Olivier Mauras


10:58 Rudder Bug #7475 (Rejected): Ensure service at boot doesn't work on ncf 201511051154
2015-11-26T09:39:19+0100 error: /default/Nginx_for_frontal_LB/methods/'method_call'/default/service_check_...
Olivier Mauras


16:46 Rudder Bug #6493: Missing "don't change" password hash type in userManagement
+1 Olivier Mauras


15:55 Rudder Question #7256 (Resolved): NCF - Have a user managed method directory
It would nice to have a directory that wouldn't be overwritten by NCF updates where a user could put it's own NCF met... Olivier Mauras


10:39 Rudder User story #7251: Management of shared-files
I'd prefer an option to NOT have the feature at all Olivier Mauras
10:33 Rudder User story #7251: Management of shared-files
No thanks I'm fine the way it is.
The implementation of this kind of feature should not disrupt the underlying workf...
Olivier Mauras


12:02 Rudder Bug #7248 (Rejected): No user/group creation methods available
There's a lack of user/group creation - with local creation enforcement and UID/GID support - method in NCF
This is ...
Olivier Mauras

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