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If an error happen during boostrap, the webapp starts but is in a zombie state and the error page is not displayed

Added by François ARMAND over 12 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

System integration
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Major - prevents use of part of Rudder | no simple workaround
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Today, if there is an initialisation error in the inventory endpoint webapp or in Rudder webapp, the application container is nonetheless started but the application does not work. That is the expected behaviour (a servlet container may and generally run several application, it won't be good to have an error on one of them to shutdown the whole thing).

But in our case, we have one application container by application, and we manage the full environment. So it would be much much much more easy to diagnosis a boot error for an admin if the whole application was clearly stopped.

Option I see for now:

  • a System.exit(Int)
    • but that's bad because it brutally stops the servlet container, maybe letting open resources not cleaned
  • a container proprietary method (to be investigated for Jetty)
  • a syscall to a shell script that call the normal app container shutdown (well, I know, it's ugly, but it's the most configurable for an admin who want to add things for that case and portable and simple)

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Bug #10654: If an error happen during boostrap, the webapp starts but is in a zombie state and the error page is not displayedReleasedFrançois ARMANDActions

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