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Allow splitting Rudder into independent role-based entities

Added by François ARMAND about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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We want to be able to install different Rudder server part on different machine.

This is a the meta-ticket above #4654, that overlook all the part (packaging, but also inventory update, web-app new information to display, updates on system techniques, etc).

For now, we identified at least 4 parts for the server:

- the main Rudder web application (with user interface)
- the application that handles inventories and store them in our LDAP backend
- the LDAP backend
- the postgres backend

There is also the old "relay server" role.

So, we decided to add a "role" attribute on a node description. It will be a list of all the roles the node has.

Roles will be know based on the presence of file in /opt/rudder/etc/server-roles.d
The will be added in node's inventory in the <RUDDER><SERVER_ROLES><SERVER_ROLE> tag.
The then will be available in a node attribute as a list (serverRoles).

An empty list of server roles means that we are dealing with a simple node.

Subtasks 22 (0 open22 closed)

User story #4929: Add tag <SERVER_ROLES><SERVER_ROLE> with the roles of the serverReleasedJonathan CLARKE2014-06-15Actions
Bug #5036: Roles defined are based on files, missing proper mapping of rolesRejectedNicolas CHARLES2014-06-15Actions
User story #4933: Add information about the server Roles in the web UIReleasedNicolas CHARLES2014-06-03Actions
User story #4935: Aplpy the System Technique "server_role" to the nodes having a roleReleasedFrançois ARMAND2014-06-03Actions
User story #4939: Add rudder-roles.d files from the adequate packagesReleasedJonathan CLARKE2014-06-03Actions
User story #4942: LDAP Migration script for the server roles system Technique/Directive/RuleReleasedNicolas CHARLES2014-06-03Actions
User story #5016: Add a system variable RUDDER_SERVER_ROLES that describes the roles of the systems, and webapp properties to override themReleasedNicolas CHARLES2014-06-15Actions
Bug #5034: Generated role for ldap should be rudder-ldap, and db rudder-dbReleasedJonathan CLARKE2014-06-15Actions
User story #5017: Add system variable RUDDER_SERVER_ROLES definitionReleasedJonathan CLARKE2014-06-13Actions
User story #5023: Add system variable RUDDER_SERVER_ROLES in the TechniqueReleasedJonathan CLARKE2014-06-13Actions
User story #5024: Create migration script for rudder.server-roles.* propertiesReleasedJonathan CLARKE2014-06-13Actions
User story #5025: Update the rudder-rsyslog configuration and send inventory target to send syslog message and inventory to the proper componentReleasedJonathan CLARKE2014-06-15Actions
Bug #5029: Error when the webabb reloads Techniques from #5025RejectedNicolas CHARLES2014-06-15Actions
Bug #5030: Invalid promises generated for distributePolicy as of #5025ReleasedNicolas CHARLES2014-06-15Actions
Bug #5033: Role for the reports server is invalid in the technique, it should be rudder-reports, and not rudder-dbRejectedNicolas CHARLES2014-06-15Actions
User story #5028: Update rudder-reports to define the server where the reports should be sentReleasedNicolas CHARLES2014-06-15Actions
User story #5037: Add a system variable RUDDER_SERVER_ROLES that describes the roles of the systems, and webapp properties to override them (with 5 roles)ReleasedJonathan CLARKE2014-06-15Actions
User story #5038: Extend roles to have 5 roles in total: split rudder-ldap into rudder-inventory-ldap and rudder-inventory-endpointReleasedNicolas CHARLES2014-06-15Actions
Bug #4738: ls: cannot access /opt/rudder/jetty7/rudder-plugins/: No such file or directoryReleasedJonathan CLARKE2014-04-04Actions
Bug #4985: Remove logrotate management leftovers from rudder-server-rootReleasedJonathan CLARKE2014-06-09Actions
Bug #5015: LDAP libraries installed by rudder-inventory-ldap conflict with system librariesReleasedNicolas CHARLES2014-06-13Actions
Bug #5050: Initial promises on Rudder 2.11 beta are invalidReleasedJonathan CLARKE2014-06-16Actions

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